Since 1990, CONINCO Explorers in finance SA has been a reference and a recognised partner in institutional, philanthropic and sustainable development management. The company is equipped with unique methodologies and a proven savoir-faire.

An explorer's strategy...
... For a positive conception of finance

The figure of the explorer has survived through the centuries and inhabits the history of humanity. Over time, from one personality to another, motivations and choices vary, as do successes and destiny.
However, we always find in the explorer a specific way of perfecting his knowledge, of apprehending the world, and a determination to invest in himself in order to draw new resources, may they be spiritual or material.
Exploration is a strategy, a subtle way of approaching things in order to get to know them, master them and get the best out of them.

Contact person

The desire to prioritize the movement towards people and things, the search for a direct link with them, is a particular feature of this strategy. It seems today that the explorer is a man of contacts who likes to feel his environment and meet people.
Another particularity is the open-mindedness and independence of view that manifests itself in the explorer's great mistrust of conservatism and preconceived ideas.

Consideration of risk

The explorer is also cautious person. If his movement and determination characterize him, as much as freedom and sometimes even audacity, his consideration of risk is systematic and uncompromising. The explorer's strategy enthusiastically responds to the world and its infinite wealth without neglecting the risk factor.
We’ve drawn our conception of finance from this strategy and it inspires us and the way we work day after day.


We’ve drawn our conception of finance from this strategy and it inspires us and the way we work day after day



CONINCO's know-how is based on research and development in financial analysis and management, and is supported by numerous initiatives in the field of training, communication and publishing.
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Annual publication in French and in German. Several thematic articles related to the event and the current financial situation allow a popularization of finance.

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Séminaire interactif et didactique dédié à la gestion des actifs financiers.

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