Below is a glossary of financial terms written by us.
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puce Valuation

The process of determining the value of an asset or company.

puce Valuation Methods

The guidelines used by fund managers in order to value the investments in portfolio companies (e.g. the EVCAguidelines).

puce Value added

puce Value in Cash

puce Venture Capital

Professional equity co-invested with the entrepreneur to fund an early stage (Seed and Start up) or expansion venture.
Offsetting the high risk the investors take is the expectation of higher than average return on the investment.

puce Venture Capitalist

The manager of private equity fund who has responsibility for the management of the fund’s investment in a particular portfolio company. In the hands-on approach (the general model for private equity investment), the venture capitalist brings in not only money as equity capital (ie without security/charge on assets), but also extremely valuable domain knowledge, business contacts, brand-equity, strategic advice, etc.

puce Venture Catalyst

A person or entity that acts as an intermediary between investors and entrepreneurs.
It analyses, checks and improves business plans and looks for interested investors.

puce Venture Coaching

The act of accelerating and consolidating the growth of young and innovative enterprises, until they are ready for a massive venture capital injection.

puce Vesting (Stock, Options and Warrants)

ERISA guideline according to which over a period of time an employee of a company is entitled to benefits (eg pension, profitsharing and stock) as a result of that employment, though he may not anymore work for the employer concerned.
Restricted stock or options or warrants are unvested.
Non restricted stock or options or warrants are referred to as vested.

puce Vintage

The year in which a fund has been launched and called for a first takedown of capital.

puce Volatility

The volatility of a stock describes the extent of its variance over time.

puce Voting Trust

An agreement whereby a number of shareholders transfer stock and voting rights to one or more persons, called "Voting Trustees", for a specific time period.

puce Vulture Capitalist

Designates investment firms or, more generally,unreliable and even doubtful investors.