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puce QIB (USA)

[Qualified Institutional Buyer]
Generally, entities that in the aggregate own and invest on a discretionary basis at least $ 100 million in securities of non affiliated issuers.
Offerings to QIBs under Rule 144A are exempt from registration under the Securities Act of 1933, but are considered as restricted securities subject to Rule 144.

puce Qualified Opinion

An accountant's opinion (auditors) on financial statements in which some limitation is expressed.
See Unqualified Opinion for converse.

puce Quartile

The segment of a sample which represent one quarter (25%) of a group divided into 4 quarters (the first 10 of a group of 40 = First quartile, the last 25 of a group of 100 = Fourth quartile).

puce Quick Ratio

A measure of a company's liquidity.
Equals current assets divided by current liabilities.
Also called Acid test ratio.

puce Quiet Period (USA)

The period starting at the time the underwriters and the issuer reach a preliminary understanding, and continuing until 25 days after the effective date.
During this period there are various restrictions imposed by the SEC on company publicity.
See also Gun Jumping and Waiting Period.

puce Quorum

Minimum presence (physically or by proxy) at a shareholders meeting or similar in order for a decision to be binding.

puce Quotation

The highest bid or lowest ask price available on a security at any given time.

puce Quotation