Nous vous proposons ci-après des acronymes de la finance rédigé par nos soins.
Il vous suffit de cliquer sur un terme pour accéder à sa définition.
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puce NASD (USA)

[National Association of Securities Dealers]
The national organisation of the USA securities industry.
Under USA law, as a self regulatory organisation, NASD has substantial responsibility for regulation of broker-dealers, as well as the operation of the NASDAQ markets.

puce NAV

[Net Asset Value]
Net value of a share corresponding to the net worth of a fund divided by the number of outstanding shares.

puce NPV

[Net Present Value]
Calculation based on the assumption that one CHF received in e.g. ten years' time is not worth as much as one CHF received today because the CHF received today could be invested for those ten years and so compound into a higher value.
The NPV calculation through a discount rate thus establishes the value of future earnings in today's money.
See also discounted cash flow.

puce NYSE

[New York Stock Exchange]
The NYSE, located in New York City, is the world's largest stock market.