Nous vous proposons ci-après des acronymes de la finance rédigé par nos soins.
Il vous suffit de cliquer sur un terme pour accéder à sa définition.
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puce DINGO

[Don't Invest - No Growth Opportunity].
Recommendation not to invest.

puce DJIA

[Dow Jones Industrial Average]
An index based on 30 major stocks listed on the NYSE.
The companies included in the DJIA are all major factors in their respective industries, and their stocks are widely held by individuals and institutional investors.
The DJIA is one of the oldest and most widely recognized stock indexes and has been published daily for more than 100 years.

puce DTC (USA)

[Depository Trust Company]
DTC is the world's largest securities depository.
It serves as a clearing house for the settlement of securities trades and performs securities custody related services for its participating banks and broker-dealers.
DTC is owned by members of the financial industry who are its users.